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Wish to be Wild

Wild Dreams Relax Roller

Wild Dreams Relax Roller

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Ingredients: Coco oil, lavender oil, vetiver oil

Amount: 10 ml / 0.34 oz

Calming and grounding roller for mindful moments.



This roller contains lavender and vetiver.

Lavender is the ultimate calming flower essence. Our lavender oil comes from a small farm in France where goats do the weeding. Vetiver is a grass with roots that grow down 4 meters into the earth. The essential oil made from these roots has an earthy and deep smell.

What it does

Use our Relax Roller before going to sleep, or when in need of a calm moment. Essences of lavender and vetiver bring balance to overstimulated minds and bodies.

How to use

Apply to pulse points for a deeply grounding experience.

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Goes well with

Do good, grow better

  • Ingredients

    We only use 100% pure and mindfully picked ingredients. No fillers or unnessesary stuff.

  • Regenerative

    Made with and for the environment - all ingredients come from regenerative farms.

  • Human-tested

    Never ever tested on animals, which is the case for the product and the entire production inventory.

  • Low-waste

    Our production is very low-waste, our oil-inventions and samples are always used.

Made by

Hand mixed by Marguerite (left) and Nienke. As a certified chemist, Marguerite researches and invents the WISH TO BE WILD oils - the living proof of the wild power of natural resources.