Wish to be Wild is a botanical skincare brand and platform for wild living created by Marguerite Caycedo and Nienke van Hofslot.

About us

We do what we do because we wish to be wild. We want to run barefoot through the woods and swim naked in the sea. We see the beauty of what is pure and wild, and we want to protect it. We want our bodies and the world to be free from toxins and harmful chemicals. This is why we make products that contribute to the regeneration of our ecosystems.

WISHTOBEWILD skincare is our way of bringing the gifts of the earth to those who share our wish to be wild. By appreciating what the earth gives to us, we give back to the earth.

We have carefully chosen each natural and organic ingredient that goes into our products and make everything by hand in our workshop just outside of Amsterdam. We have started to grow our own herbs and flowers, and our aim is to grow more of our own ingredients, while regenerating the land, and living a wild life.

Our story

This project started out as an exploration - of living consciously and beautifully and more connected to nature. A lot has happened in the last two years since we sent our first newsletter. The first thing we realised is that we wanted to put our hands in the earth and learn more about the growing of plants. This led to a permaculture design course and our very own 10m2 patch of garden in the middle of Amsterdam. We started our gardening experimentation last summer and this year plan to expand this to bring you products grown by us at the end of the summer season.

The second thing we realised is that we wanted to share our mission in a physical way, not just digitally. Creating products that show people how amazing nature is on its own is something we always dreamed about. So last spring we started experimenting with making natural skincare products. We have been very conscious of using only natural products on our skin for some time, but found that most products still contain a long list of ingredients and are not 100% organic.

Marguerite has a chemistry degree so she started looking at research on the most effective natural ingredients for the skin. Our goal was to make simple and pure yet highly effective products for face and body. When you work with natural ingredients this means you need to start with high quality ingredients coming from healthy plants, so the sourcing of ingredients was important to us as well. After months of trial and error, research and testing and sourcing we are so excited to offer our first product range to you!

WISHTOBEWILD skincare is our way of sharing our love of nature with you. Made from the best ingredients we could find, healthy plants lead to healthy skin. We have had so much fun dreaming this up and making it a reality and are so happy to share this project with you.